Medicaid Planning

        Title 19 planning, or planning for Medical Assistance – all of these terms apply to the complex system of government provided assistance to help you pay for longterm care costs, if you qualify.

        Simply stated, Medicaid is the Federal program implemented by the States to help U.S. citizens pay for their longterm care costs. BUT, you must qualify for the program. Often for the average layperson, the complex rules of the Medicaid system are overwhelming and qualifying seems impossible. Without proper legal assistance, many families find themselves spending large amounts of money and groping for answers in a maze of confusing rules and misinformation. Virginia Legal Associates provides the guidance you need in making sense of the law and giving solid answers when no one else seems able.

        If you are facing the daunting reality of a loved one, maybe a parent, entering a nursing home, or maybe that loved one or parent has been in the nursing home for some time, you may want to talk with an attorney at Virginia Legal Associates before spending all of their life savings (or yours).

        Hiding money or other assets is not an option. Applying for Medicaid and not disclosing those assets is considered fraud – something that carries severe penalties. There is good news, though! The law allows you to legally protect assets from the devastating cost of longterm care, if you simply arrange your affairs in the proper fashion. Virginia Legal Associates can help you design a plan which legally builds a wall of protection around your family’s assets.

        Regardless of whether a loved one has already entered the nursing home or is about to, there are legal ways to protect your family’s assets. You do not need to watch your life’s work (or your parent’s life work), get spent on the cost of longterm care.